Course Signup

For more information about classes or to register you can call the library at 401 434-2453.  You can also email to register for classes.

Basic Internet Computer Skills

Students will learn basic computer skills.  They will learn:

  1. The names of parts of the computer;
  2. Basic terms related to use;
  3. How to access the internet.

They will then be instructed in basic internet navigation.

  1. Basic control buttons for the internet;
  2. Location of the search and address bar;
  3. Tips on conducting a basic Google search.

Saturday, December 7 9:30-11:30 Part 1

Saturday, December 14 9:30-11:30 Part 2

Wednesday, December 11 5-7:30 Part 1

Wednesday, December 18 5-7:30 Part 2

Saturday, December 21 9:30-11:30 Part 1

Saturday, December 28 9:30-11:30 Part 2

Wednesday, January 8 9:30-11:30 Part 1

Wednesday, January 15 9:30-11:30 Part 2

Intro to Word Processing with Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)

 This two part course will introduce students to word processing with Google Drive.  Students should possess a basic familiarity with computers and understand the parts of a computer and related terminology before enrolling in this course.

Google Drive is a free and easy to use internet-based program for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.  In the first class students will:

  1. Get a Google account and understand how to access their drive.

  2. Gain a basic understanding of cloud storage and it’s advantages.

  3. Creating a document and saving it.

  4. Attaching the file to email.

The second class will involve:

  1. Changing the font and style of document..

  2. Inserting images in a document.

  3. Finding and using templates to create documents like resumes, cover letters, and brochures.

Wednesday, December 11      9:30-11:30     Part 1

Wednesday, December 18       9:30-11:30     Part 2

Saturday, January 4  9:30-11:30     Part 1

Saturday, January 11  9:30-11:30     Part 2

Intro to MS Excel

This two part course will introduce students to MicroSoft Excel spreadsheets.  An understanding of computers is required.  Students should be familiar with formatting word processing documents and attaching files to email.  An overview on the applications of databases will be provided.
MicroSoft Excel is the most commonly used program in businesses and other organizations.  Many employers require a familiarity with the program and databases can make can life much easier.  The first class will introduce:

  1. Uses of databases

  2. Associated terminology

During the second class, students will be instructed in:

  1. Entering data.

  2. Creating simple calculations.

  3. Finding more resources on using Excel.

Wednesday, January 8 5-7:30 Part 1

Wednesday, January 15 5-7:30 Part 2



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